What is XiY URL Redirection Service? Shorter is better!

XiY URL redirection service makes your long and hard to remember URL become tiny and short, so you can use it effectively in daily message exchange tasks such as email, instant messaging client or SMS in your mobile device.  Ever Wonder about your Google PageRank? Our new free PageRank tools is available now!
                              example free pagerank checker

How much does it cost? Absolutely Free!

Please fill in the following field with the URL you want to shorten, spamming website will be immediately deleted without notice.

* By clicking on the "Make Short URL!" button, you agree to our Terms of Service.
* Supplied URL is checked with Spam URI Realtime Blocklists.            

Drag and drop this link: XiY! ShortURL! into your browser bookmarks.
After this you can use this service on any page you want!!